Introductions Are In Order

Hello Traveller,

Thank you for stopping by, it is truly an honor to have even a moment of your incredibly precious time!  My name is Joshua and I am the primary writer here at Plant Powered Gamers.  My profession is in healthcare, though my original formal schooling is in Computer Science.  This may sound like a peculiar path but a narrow focus has never worked for me and being filled with a sense of wonder and curiosity is breath.

Our little family shares an immense love and appreciation for gaming as a great source of active entertainment.  Gaming keeps one’s mind active and the necessary skills involved – timing, rhythm, puzzle-solving, and strategic thinking just to name a few – are skills that relate nicely back to real life and exercises one’s mind in ways that are difficult to achieve otherwise and with similarly low levels of actual effort.

We are also proponents of the “triple-win” produced by a “Whole-foods, Plant-based” diet.  In addition to being filled with the healthiest foods on the planet, a diet following these guidelines is better for the environment and more compassionate to the other living creatures with whom we share this planet.  That is a win for the practitioner, the planet and our neighbors – Triple Win!

While those are the primary focuses of this little nook in the “blogosphere” our interests and activities do not stop there.  We are an active family of hikers and love time outdoors.  I love to cook and bake as I find it a great and productive way to destress after a day at the clinic.  Our pets are also a huge part of our life and don’t be surprised if they greet you in any photos or videos we have the pleasure of sharing with you.

Most importantly, I hope that you feel welcome and included, whatever your reasons for stopping by and whatever your personal interests are.  We are glad to have you stop by and may you enjoy your time here with us!


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