Simply Sweet Potatoes – Hybridized Style

Baked sweet potatoes – probably everyone has had them and yet I am always shocked at how underwhelmed most people are by them.  The aluminum-foil method should just disappear, though, as I think it is largely to blame for this.  Let me introduce to you the amazing hybrid steam-bake method!

First, you will need a baking dish with a lid that can handle 400 degrees Farenheit in the oven (that is 200 degrees Celcius).  Warm up the oven and wash those ‘taters thoroughly.  You don’t want to be eating dirt and whatever else might have been in the ground when they were harvested.  Being a root veggie, sweet potatoes can be pretty dirty fellas’.  Put just enough water in the bottom of the baking dish to cover it to about 1/4″.  For my little dish that is about 1/2 cup but you can work that out after a few attempts for the dish available.  After the oven is warmed up simply cover the potatoes and bake for 60 minutes.  After that time has passed flip off the oven but leave the potatoes and covered dish in the oven.  I usually let them sit for another 30-60 minutes at least, but I have forgotten a time or two and left them in for several hours.  No harm, they didn’t mind.  You’ll find the water at the bottom has become a pretty amazing “syrup” that I often use in oatmeal or if I am having sweet potatoes over rice then it mixes nicely in the rice.  Super simple – I love these kinds of methods and/or recipes that are hard to “mess up”.

So give it a try and get rid of the aluminum foil.  There is some research suggesting that it may be bad for your nervous system anyway, so it may be advisable to not use it in direct contact with anything you’re cooking until more data is available and a more final opinion is made.


These guys are ready to be covered and warmed up!


Armored up to protect from scorching.  Specialized glass containment unit engaged!


So it may be a little hard to see with the sunshine blasting into my kitchen window, but this couple is just bursting with moisture, sweetness and flavor!  The bit of water keeps them from drying out and as a bonus, sweet potato syrup is left to experiment with or just pour over the potato after you split it.  

Grow Strong. Game On.

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