Hike to King’s Chair – Oak Mountain State Park

The Plant Powered Gamers have been hiking at Oak Mountain State Park in Alabama for about a year and a half now, but just last week we finally managed the trek up to “King’s Chair”.  I won’t bother trying to describe it beyond “breathtaking” as the view from there and the nice clear breeze was really welcoming and we took a nice long break before descending.  Cricket rather enjoyed himself too, but then he always does when it comes to hiking.  No one ever warned us that Australian Shepherds were related to mountain goats!  This pup can jump rocks like he was built for platforming.

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Suzy stands atop the lookout spot victoriously, having overcome countless mosquitos and spider webs over her long journey to the summit.  


The path is so abundantly overrun with green!  It really invigorated us as we ascended the challenging trail.

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A quick clip Suzy shot from King’s Chair, showing off the amazing view.  Amusingly, Cricket can be heard “huffin’ and puffin'” in the background alongside the singing songbirds.  He was tuckered out!

Oak Mountain State Park is currently our “go to” hiking destination.  We are fortunate to live fairly close by and there are short hikes for those days that we are just trying to squeeze in a bit of outdoor time.  The hiking trails are color-coded and very well marked so that one really need not worry over becoming badly lost.  With a trailhead at either the north or south entrances the park can really feel like a different experience according to which path we take.  The trails branch and connect in multiple places too, which allows one to craft a path of suitable difficulty and also edit it according to what sites are desired.  There are quite a few interesting areas that we have managed to make our way to.  We will thoroughly enjoy snapping some photos as we pass them and share them but certainly our hope is to encourage others to get out and see these wonders for themselves.  If you are too far from our little paradise then check and see what is around you!  There might be a surprise closer than you think as there are so many beautiful parks scattered all over the U.S.  We are actually considering taking a train trip and making stops to see some of the different ones around the country one of these days.  If you know of a great place near you please leave us a comment!  It would be fantastic to have recommendations from locals.

Grow Strong. Game On.

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