In Need of Tunes for Yard-work Season

Weeds and grass seem to be in overdrive mode here in the southeast, marking the peak of the summer “yard-work season”.  I always found this to be a very tedious chore when I was younger, simply being assigned tasks that didn’t make much sense to me by my parents.  Why would I ever care if the yard I was playing in looked nice, neat and attractive?  I actually found it rather backward to pick up all of the “good” sticks which could make perfectly awesome swords, guns, stick-huts and the like and toss them into the trash or the ol’ burnin’ pile.  Now as I have slowly become more comfortable caring for my own home I do see a certain appeal to “prettying it up” a bit.  One of the main shifts I experienced was when I began viewing it as an art project, under the recommendation of my lovely and clever wife.  Now whether she is totally manipulating me into hours of work to get herself a pretty place to chill out in the back yard or if it was just the right words falling at the right time is beyond the scope of this little article.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like the results of that bit of research anyway; she is a clever gal.

I generally love to hear the music of nature while I am working outdoors.  After I have been at it a while the chipmunks, birds and field mice seem to decide that I am not out there to bother with them and they go about their business as long as I don’t make any sudden moves or loud noises.  It is fun to watch them and hear the tweeting, singing, tapping and skittering as I play real-life Minecraft out back.  I do on occasion enjoy having some music running and that is where I realized that our current lack of a portable stereo was a problem.  Now we seem to have moved on past the age of the boom-box and even cd-players.  These new-fangled bluetooth speakers seem all the rage, and I do enjoy some Pandora.  That eclectic mix of songs has led me to quite a number of new songs and artists I enjoy.  Besides, where else can you actually find “Final Fantasy 7 Radio”?  One-winged Angel, anyone?  I know my neighbors adore me!

In any case, I am not  exactly an audiophile.  My parents had recently picked up a Bose brand speaker, but those things are no small investment.  I found this little gem on Amazon…

The Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker.
Pretty well rated?  Check.  Roughly 25% of the price of the Bose?  Check.  Plays music from my iPhone?  Check.  Seems worth a try and worst case, Amazon has one of the best return policies I have ever had to deal with.  I should have a chance to try out both speakers side by side within the week and I’ll have to do some comparisons.  We have several Bose speakers in the house that are wired in and they perform magnificently.  My curiosity leaves me wondering if there will be a significant difference in audio quality between the two when taken outdoors.  I’ll have to post some before and after photos of this project after a few weeks of my new musical assistant to go with the audio test.  It’s certain to be relevant.

Til then…

Grow Strong. Game On.

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