Mega Man 3 – A Slide Powered Threequel

After Mega Man 2’s great success, Capcom wanted to rush out with a new Mega Man game! However, in doing that, this game was kinda bad. There’s some graphical glitches, the gameplay is not the best, and there’s some bad slowdown issues. They did introduce a few new and cool ideas to the Mega Man series though! Such as Mega Man having an assistant, Rush the Robot Dog and being able to slide along the ground! However, the design is a little weird.

When you boot the game up, you’re taken to the title screen. And… uh… where’s the story? Were they seriously lazy enough to not even put a story in the game!? Mega Man 2 even did it for crying out loud!!! Eh, guess I’ll have to go searching on the internet to find the story.

1 hour of research later…

So, from what I can gather, Dr Wily and Dr. Light work together to make a giant Peace-Keeping robot named Gamma. With their research almost complete, all they needed to do is combine 8 Energy Elements that were scattered around uncharted planets and give them to gamma. For some reason, the newest Robot Masters created by both doctors to find the energy elements have suddenly gone crazy. Dr. Light needs the energy elements to finish Gamma so Mega Man sets out with Rush to get them back! So that’s the story! Pretty complex, right?

Anyway, let’s see what the robot master lineup is this time! Snake Man, Hard Man, Magnet Man, Spark Man, Shadow Man, Gemini Man, Top Man, and Needle Man. Pretty cool!

The third generation of Robot Masters!

But what’s not cool is a little graphics glitch over Shadow Man’s mugshot. Seriously, how much effort did they put into this game!? I know it’s a pretty good and fun Mega Man game but still, it’s not as good as some of the others. But! Don’t select a stage yet! Go to password and put one blue dot on the right top corner. And… bam! 9 E-Tanks! Use this to your advantage if you like.

Here’s a picture of what I was talking about.

Let’s take on Snake Man first! Snake Man’s stage is mostly an endurance run of you smashing enemies along the way. There’s a new type of pickup as well! Surprise Cans. Shoot them and they’ll spit out a random item. Oh you drop a small weapon energy!? WOW THANKS SO MUCH!!! (Sarcasm) The only real platforming in the stage is at the end where there’s these little smokestacks that spit out cloud platforms that raise into the sky.

Climbing up the ladder to the sky themed part of the stage.


(Which are pretty buggy.) His bossfight is actually pretty hard until you realize that high ground is key. You’ll need to jump over him as he moves from left to right and you can only really do this if you have the high ground.

Fighting Snake Man.

After beating him, you get the Search Snake. You can shoot one of these out and they’ll go along the floor and climb up walls!

The new weapon get screen in all it’s glory.

Next up is Gemini Man! Wait… what do crystals have to do with his stage!? This stage’s theme is completely weird! After the first section you meet Break Man while he’s on some kinda of platform. The platform blows up. You continue. That was very undramatic. Near the end of the stage there’s… wait… how do you get up here? Hm… I wonder if Rush can help me out… Let’s pull him out! So he goes on the ground and… does he do anything? Maybe if I jump on him… ZOOM! Woah! He bounces you up! Now this is cool!

Using rush to spring up to high places!

Sadly you HAVE to use him in some places. And it kinda sucks for perfect runners who only want to use the Mega Buster but have to use rush to progress. Right after that forced Rush usage there’s probably the worst section in this stage. You hopping on small blocks while trying to avoid TWO different enemies one at the bottom and one at the top. It sounds a lot easier than it is but because if you get hit you take knockback damage… Those enemies can make you plummet right into the water. Where you WILL die.

Two different annoying enemies both trying to kill you!? AWESOME!

So this section is really hard. After that crazy of a section you’ll have to deal with a badly positioned Bikky. Which is just another Big Eye wannabe.

Pick a better spot to attack from ya idiot!

Gemini Man’s bossfight is pretty neat! It’s actually one of the only multiphase bossfights in the classic mega man series. For the first phase he splits into two versions of himself and both of them run around the room and as you shoot, they shoot. The second phase has Gemini Man turn back into one and run around the room as he shoots his Gemini Laser which bounces off walls. After beating him you get the Gemini Laser! It’s a laser that bounces off walls AND LAGS THE GAME TREMENDOUSLY! Don’t use it unless you wanna use weaknesses because it’s just so laggy.

Up next is Needle Man! His stage takes place on a harbor… I think… His stage is kinda all over the place. You start out in a city, go to a harbor like setting and then you go inside a building…? It’s pretty confusing. At the start of the stage, you’ll find one of my least favorite enemies in the Mega Man Classic Series. Hari Hari. This enemy shoots spines and then curls up in a ball and rolls around which he’s invincible at that time. It’s just so hard to avoid him. Luckily there aren’t many in the game. A little later into the stage you encounter the Needle Presses. These needles go in and out as you dodge them.

Ouch. These things are hard to avoid.

Really the rest of his stage is just fighting enemies. His bossfight is… VERY SPAMMY! Oh my gosh it’s hard to dodge him.

This screenshot doesn’t reflect it, but it really is hard to avoid being hit.

Once you beat him you get the Needle Cannon. This weapon is just kinda a rapid-fire Mega Buster. It doesn’t really do anything else. But you do get the Rush Jet from him! The Rush Jet is super OP. Unlike the future Mega Man games, you can just fly around wherever you want to. And if you master this little trick, you basically get infinite energy for it. Since energy for it only drains while you’re actually on the thing, and because Rush always stays right under you, you can keep jumping to barely use any energy! (Note that you still need to be on rush to go upwards though)

Next I’ll take on Top Man, the least menacing sounding robot master in this game. His stage takes place in a greenhouse. (I think) I really don’t know where the heck his stage takes place.

That’s just grass, I swear!

His stage is just kinda bleh. It doesn’t really have anything interesting going for it. At the end it just kinda has a little platforming segment that really doesn’t add anything. His bossfight is surprisingly easy since his pattern is so simple.

Ooooh tops! So sca- OW! THOSE THINGS DO A LOT OF DAMAGE!!!

After you beat him you get the worst weapon in the game. The Top Spin. It lets you jump on enemies and if the enemy doesn’t die in one hit, you take damage. It really stinks.

Since Ninjas are allergic to tops for some reason it’d only be logical to take on Shadow Man next. And… What the heck does lava have to do with ninjas? They really need to work on the theme inside stages in this game.

Some sources say that the lava is actually wine.

His stage is mostly just an endurance run of enemy attacks. But there’s one really neat idea in his stage. This one enemy called a Hologran. While it’s on screen, it makes everything but enemies and you invisible.

Better be careful because the lights could go out at any moment!

Shadow Man’s bossfight is nothing special. He just kinda jumps and slides around the room as you fumble with the stupid Top Spin. After beating him you get the Shadow Blade, basically the Metal Blade but not OP. It’s kinda useful. After beating Shadow Man, you get the Rush Marine! It’s useless! You only have to use it in one section of the game and even then you could just use Rush Jet.

Up next is Spark Man. Hah! The weakness of Spark Man actually makes sense! His stage is pretty neat but do you know what isn’t neat? HARD TO DODGE ENEMIES OVER DEATH PITS! AHHHHH!!!

These platforms rise up to try to slam you in the spikes.

Oh yeah I have Rush Jet. Problem solved! His bossfight is actually one of my favorites. He has a very telegraphed pattern so he’s fun to fight. After beating him, you get the Spark Shock. It stuns enemies. It really only works well at a few moments.

How about we take on Magnet Man next? When you start off there’s these flies who are carrying magnets. They can pick you up and carry you too!

Let’s go for a ride!

After the first section you meet Break Man. Whoa why does he want to fight me!? Ummmmmm… okay? Anyway when you beat him the path opens up and you continue on your way. A little bit further into the stage, you meet these Magnets that pull you in. They’re pretty annoying ESPECIALLY when the game decides to throw Yoku Blocks in the mix too! You know those disappearing reappearing blocks that are very hard to get right?

Doesn’t this look like fun?!

His bossfight is pretty simple but I have trouble with it somehow. His weapon is a pretty good one actually! You shoot it and as soon as an enemy gets within it’s Y coordinates, it goes towards the enemy.

Finally, we’ll deal with Hard Man! He has a neat gimmick called Wanaans. They’re little platforms that have a claw to try to grab you and make you take damage. His stage is pretty simple as well and is really just a straight shot to the finish. Near the end you fight Break Man again. Okay? His bossfight is really annoying. He’s VERY hard to dodge. After beating him you get the Hard Knuckle. It sucks! After beating him you… wait… more robot masters? No… it can’t be…

29836 hours of research later…

They’re called Doc Robots… and they stink. Let’s get this over with. So how this works is, we need to go back to four of the robot master stages but this time there’s two Doc Robots in each stage you need to fight. One in the middle and one at the end. What’s kinda neat about them is that they take on the battle moves of the robot masters from Mega Man 2. What’s not cool though is how their hitboxes are larger so it makes dodging them SO much harder.

Time to do 4 of the stages over again! To be fair, it’s pretty neat to go along the same path but for the contents of the stage to be different.

Let’s do the Needle Man Doc Robot first. His stage is in nighttime now! Yay! After some needle dodging, there’s a 1-Up and E-Tank out for grabs! How nice!

Whoa! That was close!

And then we have… Doc Air. A copy of Air Man. Sliding makes it easier to dodge the tornadoes he shoots. He’s weak to the Spark Shock. After beating him, you get a flying segment with Rush! Dang it some enemies ruin Mega Man and Rush’s flight! How annoying!

Just leave me alone!

After even more forced weapon usage, we get to fight a Giant Metall! Well… it’s not really like a normal metall. It just kinda flies and shoots three bullets once in a while.

I don’t think that’s a Met…

After that miniboss we get introduced to a new type of Met! Metall DX! They’ve learned to fly! And they’re really annoying too…

I don’t want hugs today! Get away!

After you get past the rush of them trying to give you a pain filled hug, there’s ANOTHER Giant Metall! How many freakin bosses are there!? Let’s go fight Doc Crash now. He takes on the form of Crash Man which I hate. He’s weak to Hard Knuckle. Not much to say here. Just fighting Crash Man again. That’s really the problem with recycling the bosses. Not much is changed and it’s just kinda boring. I would’ve liked it more if there were only 4 Doc Robots and each had their very own attack pattern.

Oh well, beat the boss now so let’s go to Shadow Man’s place. His stage doesn’t have any lava anymore! What, why? Well I don’t know maybe the Doc Robots didn’t like lava so they threw it out!

And then the lava comes back… wot. After some actually kind of boring gameplay, you see one of the most annoying gimmicks in the game! Meet the drop platforms. Shortly after standing on them, they’ll drop you. You’d think that they wouldn’t be that annoying but hoooo boy you’re wrong. Since they drop so fast, it’s hard to get a good jump positioning. After that, time to fight Doc Wood! Remember how I said since the hitboxes are larger, the fights are harder… yeah… since the Doc Robot is bigger, the leaf shield he throws is bigger! Not a good thing. It’s VERY hard to jump over it. This Doc Robot’s weakness is the Needle Cannon. Yeah so I guess the Needle Cannon is useful after all… After beating Doc Wood let’s go and take a LONG breather……….

Ok I think that was long enough. The rest of the stage is just fighting enemies. After that VERY short second half, it’s time to fight Doc Heat. He’s weak to the Shadow Blade. Well okay. It’s just fighting Heat Man again. That’s kinda the problem with the Doc Robots. Since they’re just kinda clones of the Robot Masters from MM2, there really isn’t much to talk about them.

After beating Doc Heat, let’s go after Gemini Man revisited next. Coming back, we see that some of the ground is gone! Oh no! When we near the place that Break Man blew up for us to get inside, the hole is still there. After a short segment, we’re faced with Doc Flash. He’s weak to the Needle Cannon. Like I said, the Doc Robots have larger hitboxes so it’s harder to dodge him. After beating him, there’s some forced weapon usage! Yay! You’ll have to use Rush Marine or Rush Jet to get by it. Time to fight Doc Bubble! This fellow is weak to the Shadow Blade! Beat him. Done.

Time for Doc Spark! The ladder at the start of his stage has disappeared so we’ll have to use the assistance of… A dog! Up next are these conveyor belts! You’ll need to jump on them to get by. By the way, this is actually one of my favorite gimmicks in this game! I don’t know why, it’s only a conveyor belt so it doesn’t really make sense but, I like it. After that short section, let’s fight Doc Metal! He’s weak to the Magnet Missile which makes this fight super easy! After that fight there’s… Seriously? A spike drop? Think up something better Capcom. After some more kinda boring level, there’s Doc Quick. Why oh why… Quick Man is easily one of the hardest bosses if not THE hardest in Mega Man 2. And it only gets worse here. He’s weak to Gemini Laser.

After ALL OF THAT, let’s go beat up Break Man again! Won’t that be fun?!

He just has the same pattern from the last 2 times I fought him. What the heck?

After mindlessly beating him up again, let’s head to Wahwee Fortress!

Pretty cool fortress you got there, Wily!

Right at the start of the first Fortress Stage, there’s a free 1-Up! After beating some enemies, there’s a free E-Tank! Wot. Why is the game being so generous? Let’s head into the sewer because won’t that be fun!? A little bit later into the stage, you’ll see another 1-Up behind a barrier that can only be broken with Hard Knuckle.

Gettin to high places with Rush!

Let’s keep heading on. Wait… what? There’s ANOTHER E-Tank! WHY IS THE GAME BEING SO FREAKING GENEROUS!? After some Yoku Blocks, we’re already at the boss! This boss is named the Kamegoro Maker. It makes turtles. Kill them. Win. Well that was an easy boss!

You start off on the second Wily Stage on a Drop Platform! Ugh, these again? Luckily they really aren’t used that much in the stage.

These things are annoying. They’re so buggy!

After some free Weapon Energy and a 1-Up, there’s more Wanaans as well as BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! Man I hate this enemy. It originally appeared in Hard Man’s stage where my main way of dealing with them is just to scroll them off the screen so they’ll disappear, but it’s a little harder to do that here. After the bees, let’s get more free items! Won’t that be fun!? After getting literally two free E-Tanks it’s time to fight the boss! Maybe they thought that since Mega Man 3 is a little harder than 2, they should make it a little easier by giving you so many items in the Wily Stages. Anyway, the boss is a Yellow Devil clone. Why. He’s allergic to the Hard Knuckle but it’s actually kinda hard to hit him with it. When he gets to the other side of the room, he blinks his eye as he shoots rapid shots, but the catch is… You can only hit him when his eye is open. So it’s actually pretty tough to actually hit him with his weakness.

This guy again?! Why?!

Moving onto Wily Stage 3! And a badly positioned New Shotman right at the start! Great! Get some more Weapon Energy and have a another E-Tank! Why not!? After some more Holograns, let’s beat up some more Bikkys! Or you can just slide under them… okay? This stage actually has a gimmick! The gimmick is blocks that wrap around the screen going from one side to the next. There’s only two screens of em. Aw. Time for the boss of this stage! Time for the Hologram Mega Mans! They’re three Mega Mans that run around platforms and shoot. Their weakness is literally the Mega Buster. Beat them. Win. Now that was a relief after having to deal with the Yellow Devil clone!

Let’s start Wily Stage 4! And a unique enemy appearing in the fortress stages? Cool! Actually… not cool. They’re REALLY hard to deal with and you’ll probably see what I mean if you get here. After dealing with them a bit, let’s fight all the Robot Masters again! Why not!? I might need to take a break to regain my sanity because I am SUPER tired of Mega Man 3. Though I might argue that MEGA MAN 10 is my most hated Mega Man game. Some people might not agree that it’s bad but I just can’t find it fun. I hate it so much I might not even do a article on it just because I don’t wanna beat it again. I hated it. Okay, back to Mega Man 3. After beating ALL THE ROBOT MASTERS AGAIN, the level ends. No Wily Boss straight after? GOOD! We’ll just go to another level for that.

Get some Weapon Energy and some useless Surprise Cans. Now let’s beat a boss! Time for an utterly hilarious bossfight! The first phase consists of you shooting a cannon on the underside of the giant goofy machine. The first phase is super easy. The cannon has no invincibility frames so you can just shoot away at it! In the second phase, use the Shadow Blade. Trust me. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand done! Well that was a short stage! In the next stage… have some more free items! Let’s fight Gamma now! This boss is actually invulnerable to the Mega Buster. You need Robot Master weapons to hit Gamma in the first phase anyway. The second phase, is… just hilarious. Get on top of Gamma’s fist, jump on the platform and… equip Top Spin? And then jump on Wily? And… bossfight’s over. Yep. Top spin defeats Gamma in ONE HIT. This will forever be one of my favorite moments in Mega Man along with Metal Man being severely weak to his own weapon, and the pause trick with the Yellow Devil in Mega Man 1. So I guess… game’s done? It’s finally over!? YES!!!! Well, it’s not that bad, it’s just that Mega Man 3 is not as good as the other Mega Man games. And… oh no! The castle is collapsing! Will there be an escape sequence? Nope. Awwwwwww… Break Man comes and rescues Mega Man and brings him back to Dr. Light’s Lab. After Dr. Light talking for a bit, he reveals that Break Man was Proto Man all along! And then the game ends. There isn’t even a satisfying ending? What is with this game!? And…. Credits. And it turns out that Proto Man is the brother of Mega Man! I hope Dr. Wily learns his lesson…

Looks onto the she-

Oh wait I don’t have a shelf anymore. Oops.

Looks onto Mega Man Legacy Collection

I guess there’s Mega Man 4 so that probably means that Dr. Wily didn’t learn his lesson. Dang it!

Feel free to stop by and watch me play some games on my Twitch Channel!

Grow Strong. Game On.

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