Niki: the Best Cat I Ever Had

One day, my mom heard that they had adoptions put up at a pet store. We got there and there were around 14 cats. We looked at them a bit but couldn’t really do anything with them since they were in cages. We decided to leave, but before we left, one of the ladies there told us about a cat haven somewhere. They also told us of a cat named Lady Gaga? They said she was really sweet and sassy. Since we didn’t really have much else to do that day, we decided to go. When we got to the Kitty Cat Haven, we were immediately discovered by some of the cats there. They came to us and demanded petting and playing. After petting them for a while, we went to another room with a bunch of kittens. They were all so cute and small! I tried to play with some of them but they didn’t really seem interested. After more cat pett’in, me and my dad decided to go to a porch where a lot of cats were. Some of them were playing, some of them were laying down, and even some of them were asleep. We tried petting some but none of them were that willing. They also had quite the setup back here. They had a giant staircase thingy that the cats could climb on. We sat down on some stools there but a gray and very furry cat came there and demanded our attention. She was really sweet and we actually petted her for a long while. Finally my dad checked the name tag and to our surprise, this was the cat they were talking about at the pet store. We weren’t planning to get a cat today since we already had two cats but, I wanted her so much! She was super kind and sweet. My mom finally obliged and let us get her. As we took her home, she just sat there in the cat carrier completely fine that she was in a car. We named her Niki because we already had another cat that was named Niko. When we got back home, we put her in one of the bathrooms so she could get used to the house. She was really supposed to stay in there until about a week but she ended up being ready to come out very early. She instantly began getting attached to me. It kinda worked out too, since my dad had Cricket, (Our dog.) and my mom had Niko, (One of our cats.) She would demand petting just about every day. She almost always stays with me and keeps me company. We love her so much and we still have her to this day.

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Grow Strong. Game On.


  1. Good job, Grant! What a fun story that is to remember. Niki practically demanded we take her home with us. Those demands have pretty much never ended as she demands to be front and center in practically everything we do.

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