5 Things near my Writing Desk that either Help or Hinder Me

Sometimes when writing, you look away from your computer or paper for a second only to get distracted by something else? Yes, that happens a lot. (at least with me) So, I thought I’d tell you five things that sometimes distract me from writing.  I got this idea from a fellow writer at the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.  There are lots of clever writing prompts, ideas, and encouragements to be found there so you should check it out!


  1. My Cat
    My cat, Niki, usually hangs out in a spare computer chair in my room. It happens like this, I look over and want to pet her and then suddenly, about 30 minutes have passed without me noticing.
  2. My Second Monitor
    I usually have Discord or YouTube pulled up on my second monitor so that sometimes distracts me. Either I get involved in a conversation, or I see a video on YouTube I really want to watch.
  3. My iPad
    I almost always have my iPad on my desk in case I get a notification or something like that. That in turn, also sometimes distracts me.
  4. My Other Cat Niko_Surveys
    My other cat, Niko, in our house sometimes comes in my room. Sometimes to get petted, and sometimes just to steal Niki’s chair sneakily.
  5. My Family
    This is by far the biggest thing, my family usually distracts me but also, sometimes they give me ideas. Sometimes one of them runs the blender to make a shake, or they have me do something. Whatever the case, they’re always there to help me and distract me alike.


Grow Strong. Game On.

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