Playing With Themes

I suppose one might refer to us here at Plant Powered Gamers as “fledgling bloggers”.  When I was setting up the site I really tried to keep it simple and easy for me to navigate from the back end.  It probably seems silly to lots of folks who have been doing this for a while, but at the beginning I found it a little confusing and easy to become lost in all of the menus.  There is also a tiny bit of jargon that I wasn’t familiar with that Grant and I have slowly become acquainted with.  We have really enjoyed figuring it all out and sharing our exploits and thoughts with anyone that happened by.

One of the perks of doing this is that we have found lots of other people that have happened by who we also enjoy visiting with to see what they were up to in their writings.  This gave us a lot of exposure to various themes available on WordPress and we quickly grew a bit discontent with the really basic one we had chosen.  It was great to get us up and running but some of the others really looked nice and had a clever way of navigating the most recent posts and pertinent links we picked out.  All of this rambling to simply say that we hope it doesn’t cause any great confusion or disorientation in navigating the site as we toy around with redesigning the layout through the really cool themes WordPress offers.  This and I really must point out that if the only thing discouraging others from giving this a try is the learning curve, just know that we take this venture pretty casually and in the course of just a few  months we were managing it well enough that we were ready to start tweaking and experimenting and my web design experience is very limited, most of it coming from just toying around with our little blog here!

As always, thanks for stopping by and..

Grow Strong. Game On.

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