A Simple Update

Greetings reader! I hope you are well. It has been quite some time since my last update as life became incredibly busy as it so often does. I suppose I should do a little catching up.

As for homeschool updates, things are going pretty well. Grant has settled into a nice routine and though there does seem to be a common mid-week lull in his enthusiasm, our schedule has gotten much more consistent. It seems homeschooling is a bit of an art and requires a good bit of practice on both our parts. Fortunately we both seem to be improving rapidly and he has even gotten better at communicating with me as to what he is interested in. Our readers may note that he has picked up the pace on his articles, which took some major lag around the holidays. He really enjoys writing them, I enjoy reading and editing and we both hope all of you enjoy the content. His plan in the future is to take on some lesser known fan-made games that he has discovered this year and shed some light on those he feels to be most deserving. Stay tuned for that!

Our diet and nutrition took a bit of a bumpy detour of late. My wife, Susanne, had run upon some interesting information a while back regarding the treatment of migraines with a ketogenic diet. Some sources noted that this was due to the similarity of migraines with seizures, or at least what is going on in the nervous system during the two cases. Others believe that it was the steadier blood-sugar levels that were the heros. As with any news or research regarding diet and nutrition there was a lot of disagreement. A fellow smarter than myself once mentioned though, that “one should begin to worry when all of the experts begin agreeing on something”. In the end it seems to be on each of us in large part to figure these things out for ourselves and try our best to listen to our own bodies and how they react to whatever it is we might be doing and adjusting appropriately. As I had a bit of experience some time back with the ketogenic-based Fasting Mimicking Diet, I thought it was worth a try, though I must note the caveat that I was doing this “vegan” style keto, and thus must be taken as at best, an off-shoot of the traditional ketogenic diet.

After 3.5 months of following said diet, tracking macros with modest diligence and keeping a pretty dedicated journal my overall summary was sadly that I could see no definite benefit or change with the ketogenic diet. I did however note that it was incredibly easy to stay satiated and avoid snacking on this diet. Those high-fat meals really do rid one of the dreaded snack-attack and I can see why many have such success with weight loss on this plan. I cannot say I felt any negative effects from the diet either, just no definite positive change other than the well-controlled hunger. I was even able to easily Intermittent Fast, usually for 16+ hours a day with no real problem after about 2 months of keto.

My largest worry while on it is still the lack of long-term research into the keto lifestyle, whereas regular vegan or even mediterranean-style “almost-vegan” diets are pretty well documented as curing lifestyle-related diseases and promoting overall longevity, so until I see some solid studies in that regard my choice would be to stay on our Whole-foods-plant-based vegan plan. Now do keep in mind this is just a hobby of mine, I am no kind of authority on diet or nutrition, I simply note and share what has worked for my own family. There are plenty of experts out there who can surely give more thorough information on all of this and I encourage anyone to do their own reading and research in order to reach their own opinion. That is what it is all about anyway, right? Enjoy that journey!

Back to more casual news, as Grant and I were playing around with the Mega Mix Engine which runs on an old abandonware version of Game Maker, I found my way back to programming through the new Game Maker Studio. I look forward to sharing some progress soon and if and when I produce anything playable I will be sure to share links to those games. I must say that the tutorials provided on Yoyo Games webpage have been thorough and fun to follow. It certainly has renewed my interest. Irony would have it that I was several weeks into a Java course and Game Maker stole me away – it was so much more fun! As a bonus, it is more fun to share my progress with Grant too. He was especially interested when I actually had a little platformer up and running with controller support. To be honest I was pretty excited about it myself. If you have ever wanted to try making your own game I would say this might be one of the best routes to take for a hobbyist who only has limited time. Let’s be serious, at best I have about an hour of free time most weeknights at best, so most of this sort of in-depth learning has to be done on the weekends for me, but Game Maker is easy enough to follow that at least for the small projects I have been working on it has been great fun and a joy to learn. It is also great to simply be creating something with coding again, as this was my original path when I first entered college aeons ago. Wish me luck!

Well for now, I believe that covers the interesting parts of our pre- and post- holidays news. Til next time!

Grow Strong. Game On.

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