20XX – A Love Letter to Mega Man X

Most fans of Mega Man are familiar with the Mega Man X series.  The Mega Man X games are a good bit different from the Classic Series, in that the level design and mechanics are a bit different.  Such as, Mega Man not being able to slide but instead doing a bit of a dash where if you jump while doing it your momentum will carry over into your jump.  Enter, 20XX which is a bit of a love letter to the Mega Man X games.  Except…  it’s a Roguelike!  Or more specifically, a Roguelite since you do upgrade your character a lot.  I’m personally not too big of a fan of the Mega Man X series or Roguelikes but somehow I really enjoy 20XX!  Anyway, let’s dive into this game.

The story is…  just a robot invasion?  Uhhh okay?  That’s really simple.  Two actually good robots, Nina and Ace (which are basically just X and Zero, both from the Mega Man X series) decide to help.  I personally don’t care too much about stories in videogames unless that’s the main point of the game, but I still feel like something’s missing here.  It just doesn’t seem complex enough maybe?  I dunno, it’s not a big issue anyway.  But like I said, this game is a Roguelite!  That means the levels are different almost every time so the game is really fun to replay!  Though, stages usually keep the same gimmicks and enemies every time, but it still allows for enough randomization.  Sadly, you do the same 10 bosses every time.  I found this a bit disappointing but I don’t mind it too much.

Some pretty tricky platforming!

One really cool feature in this game is the ability to play in Co-Op mode!  This makes the game a lot more fun to have a buddy playing with you.  Speaking of two players, I haven’t gone over what the two different characters do yet!  Nina is basically like Mega Man, she can shoot buster shots and charge them up.  Ace on the other hand, has a sword that is close-range but does a bit more damage than Nina’s Blaster.  Both of the characters have their ups and downs but I personally prefer Nina since the bossfights become really hard with Ace.  About the bosses…  most of them are pretty good difficulty-wise but a few have their problems.  There are two that really stick out like a sore thumb to me.  And those are…  Eternal Star and Vile Visage.  Eternal Star has a thick cloud of bats that will never leave you alone.  It seems like the game EXPECTS you to have a blaster upgrade or a weapon by the time you fight this boss or else you’re basically screwed.  And for Vile Visage…  his bossfight is just drawn out way too much.  It’s so freaking long.

So many bats!

Like Mega Man tradition, you get that boss’ weapon after beating it! Well…  you CAN get their weapon.  You can also choose to just get a stack of Nuts (the currency of the game) or an upgrade.  I really like this design decision since sometimes the boss weapons are just okay.  But the 2 weapons I get every time is… the Splinterfrost and the Quint Laser.  These things are GODLY!  For the Splinterfrost, upon hitting a wall it splits into bunches of mini shards of ice.  And for the Quint Laser, it just does a lot of damage and clears hordes of enemies extremely easy.

About to go into endgame territory here so…  spoilers I guess.

When you beat all 8 “Mavericks” then you get a little cutscene showing that those two doctors were behind the robot invasion all along!  I guess that’s sort of the story I was looking for.  And this is where the game just started to just get frustrating.  The last two stages you have to do are RIDICULOUSLY HARD.  And I mean it, I beat both stages with just a sliver of health left.  For the final boss, it’s actually a pretty cool fight!  Minus the bullet and hazard spam that is.  If you need more stuff to do after beating the game then there’s the daily and weekly challenges!  As well as a harder version of the normal game.  There’s also a DLC character that seems pretty dang cool!  I personally haven’t gotten the DLC so I’m not sure if the character is really good or not.

And there you have it!  Not too much to cover here but I wanted to do an article on this awesome game nonetheless.  Pick this up if you’re a fan of Mega Man X or maybe just Roguelikes!  Thank you for reading this article, and see you later when I finally try to get to Mega Man 4 Voyage! (maybe)


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