Mega Man 4 Voyage – A Fan-Made Masterpiece!

Most big game franchises have their fair share of fan-created content.  Fangames, Music, Art, you name it!  But the thing we’ll be focusing on today is Romhacks!  Romhacks are basically when people take a game and alter it in some way shape or form but still use the game they’re altering as a base.  They take a long time to make but they’re incredibly cool. What we’ll be focusing on for today is Mega Man 4 Voyage!  A romhack of Mega Man 4 made by DurfarC.  DurfarC has done a good number of romhacks in the past, but this is probably this author’s most quality romhack so far with the game taking almost 7 years to make!

The game starts up with actually an altered story!  Though, it’s basically exactly the same as last time, just worded differently and Wily being behind it instead of Cossack. The title screen looks incredibly good!  I really love the two fonts being used here.  They look really nice.  The Robot Master names are exactly the same but the bossfights are changed! Mostly for the better but there’s one that has a bit of a problem…  We’ll get to that later.

Mega Man 4 Voyage-5
Oh great, these things again.

For the actual content of the stages, there’s a lot of new enemies that weren’t in MM4 before!  Mostly just already existing enemies that were ported to MM4 but there’s a few that have changed a bit!  The gimmicks, on the other hand, are almost all custom. There are a handful that are actually just from some other Mega Man game but most of them are custom.  I really love the Level Design here.  It actually really reminds me of 4’s Level Design.  Most Mega Man Romhacks make the game RIDICULOUSLY hard.  However this game is more like a real Mega Man game with it’s difficulty.  It’s still challenging but not as unfair or brutal as some of the other Romhacks.   The music here is AMAZING!  Almost every track in this game is really catchy and high-quality.  I cannot name a single bad music track in this entire game it’s so good.

This stage has some SUPER good music!

For the bosses, Almost all of them are really good!  They add really neat attacks onto the already existing bosses, such as Pharaoh Man spawning blocks you have to break through or Drill Man sending jet-powered drills that jump out of the ground. However… There’s also Toad Man… So Toad Man’s gimmick is that if you shoot him while he’s dancing then he’ll spawn his acid rain. The catch is… there’s no wind up animation before he starts dancing. And since your Buster Shots take a while to travel to him, that means he can start dancing while your Buster shots are heading towards him so you can’t do anything.  Combined with the fact that his jump height is random, Toad Man just went from one of the easiest bosses in the game to one of the hardest.

This section is a blast!

This game does some pretty neat things with stage themes as well!  Such as turning Toad Man’s stage into an ice stage!  For the weapons, most of them are sadly unchanged but there are a few that have been altered.  My favorite change out of all of them is Ring Man’s weapon sort of being a shield weapon in that it circles around you.  This makes his weapon incredibly useful.  Finally to the Wily Stages!  I won’t talk about them too much since, they’re for the most part normal and good Wily Stages, but I will say that the bosses in the Wily Stages are really creative!

So, I highly recommend you check this game out!  It’s incredibly good and well-made, and just a blast the whole way through, really.  It does a lot of creative things with enemies and gimmicks, too! So, see you for my next article on… something. I haven’t really decided yet… By the way, here’s the webpage – on which the romhack can be found. You can also find instructions on their page on how to apply a romhack. –

Grow Strong. Game On.

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