My Top 5 Favorite Mega Man Romhacks

There have been many Mega Man romhacks I’ve wanted to cover, but I can’t usually find enough to say about them to do a full-length article. So I decided to list my top five favorite romhacks so I could knock em all out at once!

Number 5 – Rockman No Constancy


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This was the first romhack I played and it still has a special place in my heart despite it’s flaws. This game has some really nice graphics but the level design is like Rockman 4 Minus Infinity in that it wants to try to kill you every second. Seriously, this game is hard! One of the cooler things it does in my opinion though, is change the weapons. Bubble Man’s weapon is now Screw Crusher from MM3GB, Heat Man’s weapon is now a chargable buster, and Air Man’s weapon is now… ridiculously over-powered! I’d recommend playing this romhack if you’re up for a challenge. But play with savestates for your own sanity!

Number 4 – Mega Man Reloaded


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I’d describe this romhack as an improvement over the original Mega Man, while not changing almost every detail like Powered Up. Most of the changes are just graphic or level deign alterations, which is a bit underwhelming but those two fields the creator changed are a lot better now! Especially the graphics. Wow they’re good. It’s super fun to play but like I said, not much is changed so it may be not too exciting.

Number 3 – Rockman 4 Minus Infinity


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This is usually considered the best Mega Man Romhack. It changes so much. There’s totally unique weapons, new bossfights, new enemies, new levels. So why is it so low on the list? Well mostly for it’s level design. Like I said in the No Constancy bit, it seems like it tries to kill you at every opportunity. It makes it really hard for you to enjoy all the new stuff when the game is brutally hard. The amount of content in this game is crazy. After beating the game, you unlock an arena mode where you can fight all of the game’s bosses at once… or you can just get stuck on Cossack 3 like I did.

Number 2 – Mega Man 5 – Indonesian Artifact

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This Romhack is AMAZING! It changes so much! There’s new Robot Masters, new music, new level design, new enemies, new gimnmicks… pretty much new everything! Speaking of the music, almost every track in this game is music from Indonesian culture, which is incredible because so many tracks in this game sound exactly like Mega Man music. One of my only complaints is just that there’s a lot of gimmicks that are really cool but barely any of them appear for over 2 screens. That’s pretty much my only complaint.

Number 1 – Mega Man 4 Voyage

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What’s better than a romhack with new everything? A romhack with new everything and super good level design! I’ve already talked about this romhack before but I’ll still say some of the highlights. Almost every Robot Master Battle is perfectly balanced. There’s only 1 that I think is a bit unfair. Almost every track in this game is ultra catchy as well. I have almost every stage theme on my favorite music playlist. So if you can, please check this Romhack out. It’s amazingly good.


Grow Strong. Game On.


  1. Do you play SMW hacks? I’ve been looking for pointers on music and overworld editing for my alpha hack. Anyway, these look amazing. I may need to try my hand, as I made some killer levels on MMPU. Very inspiring hack list here.

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  2. I have tried only two, one I don’t recall the name and the other was just a level randomizer. Thanks for the kind words. Mega Man Powered Up was really fun and I loved that level designer. I wish more games had a level builder as that is a great way to pretty much extend playability indefinitely.


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