Electronic Super Joy & Electronic Super Joy 2 (Comparing the two!)

I got Electronic Super Joy a few years back and absolutely loved the game. Imagine my surprise when I see randomly some sort of coupon for the Electronic Super Joy 2 DLC in my Steam Inbox. So for this article, I’ll be comparing and contrasting Electronic Super Joy 1 and 2 while also doing two little mini reviews of each game.

Electronic Super Joy is a platformer which is as hard as getting game journalists to stop comparing every slightly difficult game as “the Dark Souls of _____”. It has an amazing soundtrack and visuals to boot and is all around a good game if you want something simple but challenging. The story of the game is… well… the main character gets his butt stolen by a random evil wizard and has to get it back. This game does not take itself seriously. You’ll be going through about 50 levels worth of super tricky platforming and if you get the DLC, then it’s boosted to about 75 levels. Therefore this game will take a good while to beat. The game’s difficulty is pretty much perfect. It starts off just kinda tough but ramps up the difficulty in a good way. And lemme tell you, the last few levels are HARD! They took me maybe about uh… 150 attempts and an entire day of playing this game to finish? I think? Maybe I undershot it a bit. Most games that are trying to be super hard and make them seem so cool because of that usually use false difficulty to make it seem tough. But I can count around 2 times where I thought something was cheap and it may have just been me being a little baby and getting mad.

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Like I said about the visuals, everything you can interact with (aka the foreground) is pure black while the background is animated and extremely colorful. I really love the style, it makes the game look especially distinct. It’s also a good way to make sure the player doesn’t get distracted when platforming. I also really like how pixelart and normal art is mixed. It’s very good looking somehow. Going more into the soundtrack… IT’S SOOO GOOD!! Almost every song is extremely catchy and well-made. It’s probably one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in a game in a while.


Now for Electronic Super Joy 2. Surprisingly, it seems a bit less polished than the original. There are quite a few times where I ran into a bug or the level design itself was flawed. A pretty cool change that I saw was that there’s a bit of a world map now. In the original game, you just kinda selected levels from a menu but here you kind of traverse a map. It seems a lot cooler to me. For the amount of content in the game, it’s about 50 levels long, same as the main content of the original. Other than that it’s pretty much the same super hard platforming of the original. …Well there’s one more thing. For some reason, there are a couple of levels that suddenly make you play a Doom clone type game. They don’t fit and they’re pretty poorly executed. If you’re going to change the way the character moves or plays then at least keep the mechanics of the core genre. That’s pretty much my biggest complaint out of this whole game.

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So, you’re probably wondering- “So which one do you freakin like more genius?” Well I’d say for myself, I prefer Electronic Super Joy 1 over 2. The first is a lot more fun to me and I enjoy it more. It teaches it’s mechanics a lot more clearly and is funnier to me. It may even just be nostalgia so don’t take my answer as “you can only enjoy the original because I said so”. I hope this article gets you to at least try either of these games since they’re so good but not very well known. See you on the next article!

Grow Strong. Game On.

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