First Impressions of Dungeons & Dragons and other RPG Type Games

For the past few years or so I’ve been meaning to try D&D but I have never been able to because of various reasons. About a month ago, I was finally able to try it and I was instantly hooked. The amount of customization you had when it came to character creation or even the world itself is pretty much limitless but still pretty easy. It’s why so many people play it, you can be or make anything. My dad set up a test campaign to get used to DMing again himself and to teach me the rules. It was a lot easier to learn how to play by actually playing rather than reading the book I’d say. The book is clogged with a lot of fluff that makes it hard to get to learning the things. Anyway, he’s a really great DM and guided me through the game very well. For the character creation, it’s super easy. Just basically need to decide what things you want for your character yourself. I ended up playing as a Kobold Paladin since he fit into the story well.

One of the reasons I like this so much is the amount of ways you can deal with encounters with enemies. Some players may just choose to fight them but I get the most joy from them by trying to win in an unusual way. For example, I got out of a fight with a bunch of Drakes (which I was level 2 at the time so they probably would’ve killed me if I hadn’t pulled this off) where I intimidated the boss of the group by getting a critical on one of his other group members and scared him so bad that I was able to waltz away with the objective completed and with some bonus Kobolds (long story). However, I still haven’t really played with a whole group yet, just me and my dad. I’d imagine it’s a whole lot more fun with about 3 other players though. Being able to work together would probably open up a lot more options. I also find it extremely neat how the DM and player(s) kind of build the world together and set it’s mood. It really drives in the fact that you can’t really play it on your own. I really love spitballing ideas for my dad to use as well, it’s fun to help with a bit of it. I’ll definitely want to DM sometime after I learn the rules better.

I also tried out a system called Savage Worlds because my dad really wanted me to try it since he liked it. It aims to make a system that has just as much customization as something like Dungeons & Dragons while making it a lot simpler to use. For example instead of having a bunch of hit points each player instead gets three wounds until they’re knocked out or dead. While the simplistic nature does help if you want to quickly teach someone the rules, I can tell it’s a bit more sluggish and slow for veterans. Turns usually take a bit longer and battles don’t seem as satisfying since you’re not really constantly chucking off HP anymore. While a great system for newcomers, it didn’t exactly appeal to me.

After playing D&D for about a month now, I can safely say that I’ll be enjoying this game for a good while. With so many options and ways to play, it’s no wonder it’s as popular as it is. I hope I can get in on a full group soon since that will open up a lot of new possibilities.

Grow Strong. Game On.

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