Mega Man Maker – A Fanmade Level Creator!

Maker games have always been and probably will be incredibly cool pieces of software, even the simple ones since it allows people who otherwise wouldn’t have the skill to create a game have a hand at creating levels themselves. Those people even may go on to create games themselves with them being able to express their creativity at a young age. We got Super Mario Maker a few years back which really showed their possibilities by creating a maker game for one of the most popular video game franchises. We also have more complex ones like RPG Maker which pretty much lets you make an entire game with the already existing framework. Though sadly these types of software and games are pretty few and far between for specific franchises.

Though if the fans are determined enough, they may make one themselves…

As is the case with Mega Man Maker, and entirely fanmade level creator! It’s honestly amazing fans of something will go so far out of their way as to create a whole fangame for said franchise. We’ve gotten a good few especially quality Mega Man fangames that are pretty much new Mega Man games with unique Robot Masters and all, but none were apparently crazy enough to make a whole freaking level creator! It’s incredibly ripe with quality as well, with the creators still working on and updating it to this day! Major props to the devs. I love using it and building levels with it and honestly is part of the reason I got into this whole game design thing in the first place. Anyway, let’s dive into the actual review!

This is like I said, a Mega Man level creator which focuses on the classic series and uses the same art and style as said series, even going as far as to include non-8 bit assets which were resprited by the devs! Like I said earlier, this game is incredibly rich with quality with it having a full tutorial as well as around 25 example levels! This thing has tons and tons of assets too so there are a crazy amount of things possible, similar to Mario Maker. It even has an online mode where you can upload and play other people’s stages!

There are barely any bugs or glitches either, and the most notable one just having to do with the online mode disconnecting you from time to time, which is prone to happen with pretty much any game.

A quick stage I created to show what this fangame is made of.

Like Super Mario Maker, this thing is not only limited to Mega Man’s traditional level style, you’ll be seeing a lot of other categories like metroidvania style levels, having you collect different weapons to proceed, or troll levels which when done well are enjoyable as all heck, and of course meme levels because you can never escape from those in a level creator. The amount of options you have is staggering for a fangame, whether you’re making or just playing! Luckily, there’s none of that item unlocking stuff like in Mario Maker so you can just hop right in and start toying with objects. Speaking of the editor itself, it’s very simple and easy to use while at the same time looking very sleek and being quick and snappy, it’s extremely well designed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A few screenshots showing off a few of the tons of possibilities you have in this fangame!

The fanbase is also gigantic and uploads levels every day! There are also a few Discord servers which like to review and show off levels, and even sometimes hold level-making contests or do collaboration projects. One such server even being owned by the devs themselves.

So I’d really recommend giving this game a shot! It’s free and can be downloaded right here. It’s really light as well and can run on even the crappiest of computers! Sadly the game does not support Mac or Linux without additional modding. If you want to get in on level contests or collabs then consider joining the Discord server which can be found on the main page! Maybe try a few of my own stages even to give you some ideas or simply to check my own out. My best level as of right now can be found right here if and when you’ve downloaded the game and made an account. Hope this article has convinced you to get this amazing game!

Grow Strong. Game On.

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