New Beginnings

Hello and welcome kind reader. Quite a lot has happened in the lives of the Plant Powered Gamers since we last wrote. We have moved for one, which was quite a bit of work. It was nice living in the city for a while to get the experience but we decided that a little more space was necessary for the things we wanted to do in the long run. Certainly we are quite happy with our decision so far, it has been a nice change to be able to work and play outside in privacy. Cricket, our Australian Shepherd has loved the change, as he can roam and sniff and run til his heart’s content. We did move into an older home which has required a bit of updating and maintenance, so that has occupied a lot of our time of late. Learning to removed wallpaper and repair the residual effects has been a process that I cannot say was really enjoyable, but we persevered and it is done. I can say that I hope to never see another strip of wallpaper for the rest of my days, though. Certainly it has left its mark.

I had tried starting a small garden at our city home but could never get much traction. We were heavily shaded and the soil was terrible there, more rock than dirt. When we moved here we immediately started toying with garden ideas and locations. It has been quite fun really, though sometimes frustrating too, as I’ve studied and read and watched as much as I could stand to learn to do what many people probably find completely simple. Nevertheless things are starting to look up, as less than a year after moving in we have things starting to form up. I think I may make a log here to track my progress. I realize it doesn’t relate to gaming, but it is very plant-based! We will see how that goes from here. My plan is to start this at the beginning of April, 2020, as that is when a lot of the plants will actually go into the beds I have been prepping.

As for gaming, that is a mixed bag. In the middle of moving, plus homeschool, plus remodelling.. wow, it can be difficult to find the time. We have started using to get a small D&D group up and running which has been awesome. This is Link’s first real D&D game with a group beyond himself and his parents and he has really taken to it. I am still pretty new to playing this way and it gets a bit unwieldy at times, but it sure beats not playing at all. I find that it becomes more seamless each time we play, so I suspect it will find its way to normalcy soon. The only video game I have really played lately is Noita, an early-access (on Steam) game that I find almost endlessly fun. It is rogue-like and physics-based. I’ve read comparisons between it and many other things I have no experience with, but for me it holds all of the appeal of Spelunky, another rogue-like game I enjoy, but with a theme more in line with what I am typically drawn to in gaming. I plan to do a little write up and show off some of the game play soon, so stay tuned! Link decided that he was ready to move on to his own thing, and likely won’t be writing on this page any longer. If he forms up a site of his own then I’ll be sure to link to him.

Well that is the Cliff-notes version of what has been going on in our silence. But how could I fail to mention the crazy thing that is going on around us? This “COVID-19 experience” has been almost indescribable. I work in healthcare so it has affected me most in how carefully and thoroughly everything must be cleaned constantly. I know others who are struggling with the suggested “shelter in place” orders. It has left Mrs. PPG pretty stir-crazy at times, but she has learned to take the time to get out and walk and enjoy the space we have been working on over the past year. We have a pretty nice series of hiking trails in our backyard, which is an absolute blessing at such a time. Some of my family is handling it less efficiently, especially the problem of being barred from visiting except when absolutely necessary. The real wonder is where this thing is going, as with something so new and unknowable its difficult to steer the mind clear of trailing off negatively. It certainly has been pushing me towards a renewed interest in Yoga and Meditation, which is just good for me anyway. I’m really not sure why I get so lax in these practices, but if nothing else I can be thankful of a reminder to get back to it and calm that anxious mind down.

In parting I wish you and your circle well, dear reader. Be safe. Take care. As always..

Grow Strong. Game On.

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