Sunset and Sunrise From Around Our New Home

As the days grow longer and warmer we find ourselves out til daylight dwindles into twilight and began noticing what a beautiful view we had from the top of our little hill on which our new home rests. Certainly we couldn’t help from taking a few photos to capture the moment and if even a few others might enjoy them it seemed a shame not to share them. I hope they can bring a little more beauty into your life, dear reader.

Of course with me working in healthcare, I am up before dawn most days. This lends itself to seeing a lot of spirit-lifting sunrises. I’ve even found a good spot for morning yoga from which I can watch the sunrise, which lends a peculiarly specific meaning to a Sun Salutation.

Finally, I could not resist including a funny little anecdotal photo Grant and I took while hiking the trails on day. This little fellow really made a show of his final days. As best I can tell it was a tiny sapling that just did not make it, but certainly he left an impression at the edge of our little meadow. Grant noted that he looked like he was giving a speech to the other plants, perhaps on the subject of taking care to drink plenty of water or get lots of sunshine.

Monsieur Stick, they called him, sharing his wisdom with his brothers and sisters.

As always..

Grow Strong. Game On.

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