Noita Updates! Lots of new ways to die!

As I wrote previously, Noita has been my go-to game of late, especially in those moments of the day that you find an extra 5-10 minutes (that can easily run into an hour that you weren’t planning for). I was delighted when I booted it up yesterday to see the “Feast Update”. Now I initially wondered if this had something to do with the weird “eating” mechanic that as far as I can tell so far is really non-functional. I suppose other Noita players have noticed that most creatures, after they have perished, are edible. As of yet I have found no real purpose other than those that are blood-producing (humanoids, rats and the weird dog-things), can be consumed for a slight boost to the blood-stain, which improves critical chance, but it seems like something that may still be in development. Well, in any case this seems to have little to do with that, as the only new thing I have noticed in terms of consumables was that snow is now edible, which interestingly slows and eventually freezes the player briefly. There is also now a stomach icon that has a % with it to show how full the stomach is. It is really easy to make the mage sick by eating something he didn’t like.. Toxic monsters and rats, for example. He seems to enjoy spiders and people though…..

I’m always happy to see “Explosion Immunity”. On the next floor I nabbed “Exploding Corpses” which made for a grand ol’ time for all! Admittedly, this isn’t a new addition but I wonder if they increased its chances as I had only seen it once previous to the update and have now picked it up on three seperate runs.

The actual update added loads of new obstacles, traps and enemies, it appears, as well as new perks and wands. Now some of these could have simply not spawned in my recent runs but I made three runs last night and wow, new stuff at every turn! Even the beginning area of the mines appears to have new creatures. There was a strange purple blobby thing that spat globs at me as it sat next to a chest that it appeared to guard. The Hosi Base now has “force fields” that stop my magic bullets, allowing them to hide behind them as they adjust position. They are a very fair addition, as it appears I can use them as cover as well. The familiars now seem to work much better and it seems their attacks do not hurt me now, as I had stopped using them for the longest time because friendly fire was too deadly. So far I have not gotten any new perks or spells, however, though the wand and spell selection seemed a lot less cruel/random on the last three runs. Perhaps there were some algorithm adjustments. It is unusual to have reasonably good selection and pick-ups for three runs in a row, but this will take time to explore more fully.

This is the “Bouncing Bullet” wand in action. It almost covers the area in magic but each hit is so weak.. plus no stun or knockback on the enemies. I feel like its a bit of a crutch I need to let go of, but it feels so awesome with all of those bullets!

Overall this game just gets better and more interesting with each update and if you are still on the fence on whether or not to give an early access game a chance I whole-heartedly encourage anyone to give this a chance if you enjoy fantasy rogue-like/lites. It has provided me with an awful lot of entertainment for a very reasonable price. It is a bonus to watch the game evolve as it is updated as well.

Is this a new area? I’ve never encountered it before! The “Magic Temple”, it proclaims, with some really nasty spellcasting critters coming out to greet me. Sadly it is dark inside after clearing the way, I suppose I needed a torch or lighting spell to proceed.
Scouting the outskirts of the Magic Temple. That weird little octopus head guy threw some crazy splitting spells, but was thankfully pretty slow moving.

So get your wand and liquid-soaking cloak ready for some fresh exploration. What are you waiting for?

As always..

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