Slay the Spire for iOS!

Slay the Spire is an amazing, rogue-like deck building game that mashes up a strategy RPG with card game to create something truly remarkable. It is a game that doesn’t seem to be too terribly intense on the ol’ processor, either, which has long left me wondering if we might get a mobile version. Lo and behold as I remember to check on this very thing once in a while that I stumble upon some really exciting news. This very month, June 2020, is the expected release date for Slay the Spire on mobile. Many thanks to Megacrit for making this happen, as well as anyone that helped them on their way.

This game has been my primary gaming focus of late, made all the more accessible by Grant and I deciding to put it onto our Nintendo Switch, making it portable for us. Now, even being portable, I am not terribly fond of bringing the Switch outside and away from the house. My iPhone, however, is begrudgingly at my side at virtually all times when away from the house. Now I have found that it is my go-to game around the house when I find a spare couple of minutes to play through a battle or two… Admittedly this often degenerates into an entire run. At that point I often decide I should go ahead and start the next run just to see what it will be like. I digress.. it is a difficult game to put down. Now I find that I may be able to bring it with me everywhere? What an awesome escape during lunch breaks and down time that will be.

With the game being a mobile port with a reduced price (expected $9.99us vs. $29.99us on Steam/Switch) if it will be a slimmed down version. Obviously one big loss of not having this game on a PC is lack of access to “mods”. I already have this downside having the game on Switch, and don’t think for a second that I haven’t considered going ahead and repurchasing the Steam version so that I could enjoy the mods! I’ve had a rare few games in my life that I was happy to buy multiple versions of, and Slay the Spire stands among them. What other games sit upon that lofty list? Perhaps I’ll have to do one of those infamous “list” articles for that sometime. It would probably be fun. I do hope they don’t alter the options for cards and relics and the like too terribly, but then if they do it could create entirely new strategies if adjustments remove typical top-tier picks. As a “for instance”, I find it hard to pass up “Go for the Eyes” when I am playing as the Defect, as it is one of its few cards that can provide weakness. If that card was removed or if another weakness-inflicting card were available it could alter the choices one makes when selecting card rewards or shopping with that oh-so-strange shopkeeper. His commentary to the shopper is amazing, by the way. He has brought a smile to my face a few times. I’ve even found myself wanting to include some of his banter in my own small-talk. I believe I have gone on a tangent here, but my enthusiasm is getting the better of me with this new news.

If you, dear reader, have not yet tried Slay the Spire and have a penchant for either Strategy RPG style battlers and/or deck-building card games, this might be a great opportunity to try out an amazing game later this month, when it becomes accessible for a fraction of its original price. Join me in looking forward to its hopeful release, and as always..

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