Slay the Spire Mobile Releases! June 13, 2020

Oh Ironclad, eager have I been to see thy face upon my mobile phone screen.

Only about a week ago did I catch wind that the release date for the amazing Deck-Building Dungeon crawler Slay the Spire was coming to mobile soon. To my immense delight I found it waiting for purchase when I checked the app store yesterday. I quickly and happily paid the very reasonable $9.99 US for the freedom to be able play my current favorite game on the go. I did read through the reviews as it loaded, but found nothing that really scared me away. Several complaints regarding the mobile controls, but I think that this is a problem that developers are still trying to solve on the mobile platform even now. I’ve yet to play a mobile game that there wasn’t a bit of a control issue, but I felt Slay the Spire was perfectly manageable. So far in my initial Ironclad playthrough I’ve only played a single card in error. I realize in higher ascensions that could be more problematic but I feel like the slower pace of this game in particular allows for careful play.

I am playing on an iPhone 7, which is far from a “flagship model” today, and have had little issue with lag or graphics hiccups. Honestly it runs the game just as well as our Nintendo Switch so far. As for the game itself, what more is there to say? It is incredible already, and to be able to play it anywhere in any random bit of free time that it fits is great. I do have to limit screen time to some extent due to some eye problems I won’t get into, but the screen of my phone is only a bit smaller than the Switch screen and has not bothered me to the extent I have played. For reference, I usually finish a “run” even couple days on average, so obviously I am a pretty casual player, fitting in game time in bits and pieces. This suits my eyes better and when something else strikes me that needs to be done it is easy to close the screen, pocket my phone and come back later.

Slay the Spire makes itself at home on my home screen! Happy Day.

Many thanks to Humble Bundle and Megacrit for giving us another option to play their awesome game.

Thoughts? Well, if you have not yet tried Slay the Spire and are even a bit interested, the entry cost just became much lower if you don’t mind playing on the mobile platform. Personally I find this particular game to be very well suited for mobile, as it is turn-based and I can take my time with each play. Even more so, the ability to set it aside at any moment is a boon that cannot be understated.

As always..

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