Coloring Pages and Audiobooks – A recipe for happy isolation?

I’ll be frank, staying isolated isn’t really a big deal for us to begin with. We are quite happy to stay on our little hilltop and enjoy the hazy Alabama summer. My wife and I have recently uncovered something that we absolutely can spend hours working at and simply lose track of the time as it is so relaxing and enjoyable. You see, dear reader, my wife really loves to play with markers, paints, color pencils and pastels. She is a “color nut”, you might say. She isn’t too crazy about drawing though, she really leans heavily in the realm of color. I, conversely, love line art and sketching. I only rarely produce a drawing that I find it worth my while to add color to. I toy with color pencils mostly, but occasionally dabble in acrylics or digital media. Our little worlds inevitably collided when she asked if I could draw a picture she had found online for her to color. It was something I had never tried before – simple line art for “adult coloring pages”, which would be easy to either load into a digital art program to color or even print for a physical coloring page. I really enjoyed it and was surprised at all of the new little tricks I picked up while trying to reproduce the page. All of this has been coupled with some really enjoyable audiobooks that she had picked out for us to listen to, as we had noted that there had been a really long “dry spell” of anything we wanted to watch via streaming. Besides that, I am a pretty restless person and tend to have trouble sitting and watching anything for very long. The audiobook is awesome as it frees up my eyes and hands to pursue other things while listening. The books are The Guild Codex by Annette Marie. The author has certainly woven an entertaining romp in an urban fantasy setting filled with all sorts of magic and mythical creatures. We are four books in at this point and have enjoyed every one. Plus, husband-wife quality time mixed with witty fantasy and some home-brew art. What is not to love?

In any case, I have now produced quite a few of these line-art coloring page drawings and as she was enjoying them so much we decided to put them up here for anyone else that wanted to try them out. She even plans to pick a few of her favorites out to possibly hang in our hallway. I would be lying if I said that didn’t flatter me a bit.

I wanted to post some of her colored ones just to show her skills off a bit but she wanted more “practice” with her new watercolors before she let me. Do keep in mind I am but a humble hobby artist, so questions on quality are nil to me. I do hate that I don’t have a proper scanner, the best I could do was take a photo of them, but they should work fine. Worst case, just toy with your contrast on whatever device you load them from and you should be able to get them perfectly black and white. I tried to do that with them but I can still faintly see paper grain on a few spots. Feel free to have fun with these however you like! Perhaps they will add a bit of artistic, colorful joy to your day! They may even be fun coloring pages for any fellow homeschoolers that enjoy playing with markers, color pencils or whatever they are printed onto can handle.

I have been trying to do a few “Fairy” drawings but they are all so far direct recreations, but perhaps I will try to post a few of those as well when I have some that are completely my own. If anyone uses them and would like to share them back with us please do! I’d love to see how they turn out. Fare you well in this crazy time, and as always..

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